Vorombetech Solutions Joined hand with Vatika Business centre to enhance Property Management System or Coworking Company


Vorombetech Solutions Joined hand with Vatika Business centre to enhance Property Management System or Coworking Company.


This case study examines the collaboration between Vatika Business Centre, a famous supplier of first-rate coworking spaces, and Vorombetech Solutions, a prominent developer of technology solutions. The cooperation intended to improve Vatika Business Centre's property management system (PMS), enabling them to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and optimally allocate resources. This case study demonstrates the difficulties that Vatika Business Centre encountered, the solutions offered by Vorombetech Solutions, and the outcomes attained as a consequence of their collaborative efforts.
A reputable organisation, Vatika organisation Centre provides coworking spaces and first-rate office amenities to companies of all sizes. Vatika Business Centre encountered difficulties properly managing their properties, giving clients a seamless experience, and allocating resources because of their rapidly expanding customer base and number of assets under control. They turned to Vorombetech Solutions' expertise to improve their current property management system in order to get over these challenges.

Challenges Faced by Vatika Business Centre

  1. 1. Property Management Complexity: A broad collection of coworking spaces, virtual offices, and meeting spaces across several locations were operated by Vatika Business Centre. It became difficult and time-consuming to manage bookings, billing, and facilities maintenance for each property.

  2. 2. Inefficient Resource Allocation: Lack of a thorough property management system led to inefficient resource allocation, which resulted in underuse of some places and overuse of others. Customer happiness and the possibilities for generating revenue were impacted by this.

  3. 3. Manual and Fragmented Processes: Employees were compelled to use manual and disjointed methods to manage bookings, handle repair requests, and provide reports because there wasn't an integrated PMS. As a result, there were inefficiencies, a greater chance of mistakes, and difficulties with data-driven decision-making.

Solution Offered by Vorombetech Solutions

Vatika Business Centre and Vorombetech Solutions worked closely together to understand their unique needs and challenges. Vorombetech Solutions offered a comprehensive solution that addressed the problems presented by Vatika Business Centre by utilising their knowledge of property management systems.

  1. 1. Customized Property Management System:A custom property management system created by Vorombetech Solutions was smoothly incorporated into the current Vatika Business Centre architecture. The PMS had functions including automated billing, maintenance tracking, online booking management, and extensive reporting tools.

  2. 2. Resource Optimization:Vatika Business Centre was able to optimize space allocation based on demand, availability, and customer preferences thanks to the upgraded PMS Vorombetech Solutions deployed. Customer satisfaction grew as a result of better space utilization.

  3. 3. Simplified Procedures: By automating numerous property management procedures, Vorombetech Solutions removed manual and disjointed procedures. This comprised centralised maintenance tracking, automatic reminders and notifications, and online booking portals for customers. These upgrades improved processes and decreased administrative burden.

Benefits Accomplished

  1. 1. Improved Customer Experience: Vatika Business Centre was able to give a flawless customer experience thanks to the upgraded property management system provided by Vorombetech Solutions. The availability of online reservations, automatic billing, and prompt notifications increased customer retention and satisfaction.

  2. 2. Increased income Generation: Vatika Business Centre saw an increase in income thanks to the new PMS's facilitation of better space utilisation and resource allocation. The business increased profitability by maximising occupancy rates and managing pricing policies well.


The collaboration between Vatika Business Centre and Vorombetech Solutions turned out to be a fruitful effort in improving the property management system for the coworking business. Vorombetech Solutions helped Vatika Business Centre overcome its problems by creating a personalised PMS and assisting with resource allocation, client experience, and operational efficiency. This collaboration serves as an illustration of a fruitful industrial alliance and emphasises the significance of technological solutions in the modern workspace sector.

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