Security Assessment

Security Assessment

Security assessment is the examination of your organization’s security posture against a set of policies to see whether they are in line with all your internal and external requirements.

Our Process

Benefits of Choosing us

Our wealth of expertise and professionalism in information security assessment will certainly add value to your organization. We have served a wide variety of institutions from different industries both in the public and private sectors. At Vorombetech, we understand that every organization is unique in its own way, and that’s why our highly qualified, experienced and certified staff will craft a cyber security assessment plan that fits the needs of your organization.
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Our Services

Cloud Security Assessment

we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s cloud-based infrastructure to determine the efficiency of the various security controls that have been put in place. We performed both manual and automated testing approaches identify vulnerabilities that can threaten the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Such may include weak settings, poor configurations, and improper logging.

Web Application Penetration testing

The evolution of the internet has seen an increase in the use of web applications; the security risk that comes with this cannot be underestimated. Hackers are getting smarter and new threats are emerging on a daily basis. It is therefore important to ensure that web applications are continually tested for security flaws. Web application penetration testing will mimic real life hacking and help bring out vulnerabilities and possible entry points in the case of an actual attack. This ensures that you’re always ahead of cybercriminals.

Mobile Application Penetration testing

The use of mobile applications has been on the rise and so are the security threats. This wide attack surface has made mobile applications a primary target for hackers. Our mobile application penetration testing is done against a set of security policies and standards and tailored to bring out vulnerabilities before hackers can find them. It gives the assurance that your mobile application meets the various security requirements.

Configuration Review and System Hardening

Configuration review and system hardening is a proactive approach that aims at examining an organization’s IT infrastructure such as servers, routers, switches, applications and other equipment vis a vis a set of cybersecurity best practices. The systems under review are then hardened so that that they can withstand cyberattacks.

Network Penetration Testing

Today’s modern businesses store information, which has become the most valuable asset, in some kind of network. Whether it’s customer information, intellectual property, Personally Identifiable information, medical records, all these are found in some network. The need to protect such information from unauthorized access is obvious. Network penetration testing is used to determine how a system would respond to a cyberattack. This will help in the identification of security weaknesses, levels of risk and will give a clear picture of an organization’s security position.

IT Infra Security Audit

Our IT Infra Security Audit service is designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your organization's IT infrastructure. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your network, systems, and security protocols to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats. We'll assess your current security measures against industry standards and best practices to ensure they are up to par. After completing the audit, we'll provide a detailed report with recommendations for improving the security of your IT infrastructure.

Our Partners and Certifications

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