CYBER SECURITY: How to tackle Cyber Attacks

Saturday January 30, 2021 |By : Saurabh Pandey

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COVID-19 is a critical issue on the globe this time, also WHO declared it a pandemic that can cause a huge impact on human life. To keep it in mind the government is forced to take necessary actions to minimize the damage due to this virus and save lives. Government around the globe declared to shut down to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and promote social distancing, because of which business will keep closed for some time, opting for Work from Home. Businesses are trying to adjust the changes needs for their manpower, clients & customers, Demand & supplies, Cyber Security, financial issues & job losses are some of the first human impacts of this pandemic while navigating the financial and operational challenges.

By considering the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, most of the organizations introduce their business continuity plans (BCPs) & adopt a work from the home strategy.

Adopting work from home, in the first place helps to maintain a social distance but also has its own set of challenges. for example, Cyber-crime or Cyber Security.To maintain the safety or security of the company’s confidentiality or cybersecurity of system and network, stakeholders/CXOs of the organization must come together to track this comprehensively.

Here is how you can HALT and consider steps to effectively mitigate cyber risks or increase your cybersecurity during these challenging times:

1) Activate Business Continuity strategy

Devise and invoke a holistic BCP covering the pandemic scenario.Take concern-based essential approvals from the highest management.

Define standard operating procedures (SOP) for personnel to earn work from home for the utilization of both company-specific conversation channels and other channels which include MS Teams/Skype etc.

2)    Cyber Security of your IT assets

Enable two-factor authentication for any connectivity to the office network.Patch remote access supporting infrastructure with the latest updates.

Update antivirus, malware protection programs, data leakage prevention (DLP), mobile device management (MDM), and other solutions on time to ensure endpoint Cyber security.

Issue advisories to employees on relevant anti-virus or malware updates required to secure home networks while doing work from home.

3)     Prepare a cyber-attack defense model

Take periodic backups and ensure proactive IT/system patch updates to enhance your cybersecurity and tackle cyber-attacks.Identify, validate, and authorize legitimate emails to avoid possible data breaches or phishing attacks.

While almost every employee is doing work from home, make your employees conscious of various phishing attacks prevalent today. ask Cert-In advisory for more details on COVID-19 related Cyber attacks and ensure your cyber security

Stay awake so far on various cyber-attacks and with inputs from various security feeds, include them in a Cyber Threat Intelligence Model to spot trends and emerging risk/threat areas, and supply timely warnings, enhance your cyber security systems.

4) Stay updated on all legal, regulatory, and technical developments

Regulators are tightening controls and formulating new guidelines to tackle the growing number and complexity of cyber-attacks and regular improvement on cyber security.Stay updated on changes to data privacy, protection, and cyber laws and regulations, as well as evolving risks and technical developments.

5) Ensure contract compliance

Review vendor and third-party contracts.Understand key provisions and laws like force majeure, data protection, cyber security, etc., to determine what likely event might trigger any of those provisions.

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